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No longer accepting new boarding reservations. Limited boarding for clients established prior to 2020. We offer boarding for cats, with two different types of accommodations.  Proof of current Rabies and FVRCP vaccines are required.  Current exams are required within 1 year for cats under 10, and every 6 months for cats over 10, to ensure that every cat boarding with us is happy and healthy. Vaccines can be updated at that time, if needed.



Feline Friends Welcome!

Cats may be boarded with their housemates as long as they are compatible. We will provide boxes to hide in for our more nervous guests. We request that you bring your cat's food with them while they board, or we can provide a veterinary diet, at the owner's expense, that fits his/her needs. Dishes, litter, and litter boxes are included. We advise that clients keep their cat(s) on monthly flea prevention, and will ask upon admission for boarding what product was used and when it was last given.


There is an additional daily charge if medications/injections are given during your cat's stay. 


Our helpful staff will choose the accommodation best suited for your kitty and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

And always remember to make your reservation as early as possible to reserve your cat's lodgings.


The Condo

Approximately 2½’x2½’  with a shelf.  Many cats prefer this option because the shelf gives them a sense of security.

The Double Condo

2 side by side Condos 

The Townhouse

The most spacious is the Townhouse. A multi-level abode with a hidden litter box room for privacy, shelves and cubbies to spare and a large glass door with a view.


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