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"We are your cat's dentist!"


70% of cats are affected by some level of dental disease by the age of 3! They don't brush their teeth the way that their owners do, which is why regular cleanings are so important. The mouth is a constant source of bacteria that is able to enter the blood stream via vessels in the mouth and jaw, allowing that bacteria to travel through the body to the heart, kidney and liver. 

We provide comprehensive dental care for our patients. Every aspect of the dental procedure is precisely tailored to each cat's dental health status.


In addition to a thorough cleaning and visual oral inspection, we also offer digital dental x-rays so that we can accurately assess the health of your cat's mouth below the gum line. We use an ultrasonic scaler and polisher to give your cat a sparkling smile. If in the event that tooth extractions are needed, we perform quality surgery with a steady hand and a gentle touch.

Dental Suite
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