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Laboratory tests are an essential part of every veterinary practice. For our senior patients (10+ years), we recommend annual senior bloodwork. We utilize IDEXX, a nationwide laboratory located in West Sacramento, for comprehensive lab analysis of most specimens. The veterinarian takes the time to promptly inform you of the results. We also have a state of the art in-house blood machine for urgent cases and pre-anesthetic blood panels. Urine testing is also recommended on an annual basis. Most test results are received within 2-3 days. 

Blood work

The sample collected will either be run in house or sent to Idexx for evaluation.Typical chemistry panels check liver, kidney, glucose, and thyroid values. A Complete Blood Count is also performed to check both red and white cell numbers. 


There are many reasons why urinalysis tests are performed. It gives us a look at how well the kidneys are functioning as well as searching for other urinary issues like urinary tract infections and crystals. 


Microscopes are handy to have on site. We can search dirty ears for signs of fungal/bacterial infections, look for ear mites, take a peek at cells from masses, and countless more uses. 

blood sample
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