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Surgery Suite


Dr. Standen is skilled in surgery and are capable of performing a vast number of surgical procedures, including spays and neuters, abscess and laceration repair, bladder stone removal and foreign body removal. For specialty surgical procedures, we also work with local Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons, who are available to come into our clinic to perform specialty surgical procedures as needed. We are sensitive to our patient's pain status and utilize injectable pain medications and/or oral pain medications to make them as comfortable as possible.


We make anesthesia safety a priority. The veterinarian will create individualized protocols tailored to your cat's medical needs and personality.  We carry the newest drugs available, using the best option for each procedure. Each anesthetized patient has a dedicated technician and advanced monitoring devices to evaluate your pet's vital signs and overall well-being while asleep. After anesthesia, each pet is monitored closely while they recover in a nice warm incubator. We will spend time with you when you come to pick up your kitty to make sure you feel confident in any aftercare that may be needed.

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